Our project team has been fortunate to partner with a number of organizations. These partnerships have lead to funded initiatives that have impacted over 1000 teachers and their students over the previous ten years.

In this project we are working h to create engage high school aged youth in a three-year pathway framework that will engage the youth in conducting authentic scientific research. The project will involve emerging agricultural technologies like transparent soil (a recent discovery which is a hydrogel that behaves like soil), a near-peer and college-focused mentoring model, and interaction with scientists. The youth will learn to build and code Raspberry Pis (small and affordable computers that students can use to learn programming) to share their data with agronomists and plant scientists.

Source of Support: National Science Foundation: DRL (ITEST): 1759152$1,198,658.00: PI: Dr. Michael Barnett, Co-PIs: Dr. Ludovico Cademartiri, Dr. David Blustein, Dr. Belle Liang 


  • Dr. Ludovico Cademartiri, Iowa State University,
  • Dr. Jacqueline DeLisi (EDC, Evaluator)

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