Our project team has been fortunate to partner with a number of organizations. These partnerships have lead to funded initiatives that have impacted over 2000 teachers and their students over the previous ten years. Our R&D team has received close to $20,000,000 in federal funding and an additional $1M from foundations and other donors over the past 10 years. Our successful federal proposals can be downloaded below.

     Interdisciplinary Approaches to Teaching Computational Environmental Science

    Award Number: 1814001
    Principal Investigator: George Barnett
    Co-Principal Investigators: R. Benjamin Shapiro, Ludovico Cademartiri, Helen Zhang, David Blustein
    Start Date:09/01/2018
    Award Amount: $1,519,631.00
    Agency/Program: NSF: STEM+C/DRK12

    Change Makers: Urban Youth Food Justice Ambassadors

    Award Number: 1713460
    Principal Investigator: George Barnett
    Co-Principal Investigators: David Blustein, Belle Liang
    Start Date:09/01/2017
    Award Amount:$2,032,296.00
    Agency/Program: NSF: AISL

    Broadening Participation by Middle-School Students in STEM via Integrating Hands-on Experiences in Science Learning (Science Theater)

    Award Number: 1811166
    Principal Investigator: Meghan Hill
    Co-Principal Investigators: George Barnett, Helen Zhang, Belle Liang;
    Organization: The Dorothy and Charles Mosesian Center for the Arts
    Start Date:11/01/2018
    Award Amount:$299,780.00
    Agency/Program: NSF: AISL

    Seeding the Future: Integrating Financial Literacy, Environmental Education, and Scientific Research through hydroponic food production

    Award Number:  2015-38414-24206
    Principal Investigator:  George Barnett
    Co-Principal Investigators:  Jameson Chace, David Blustein
    Start Date:  09/01/15
    Award Amount:  $250,000
    Agency/Program: NIFA:  SPECA

    Strategies: Seeding the Future of STEM researchers through emerging agricultural technologies

    Award Number: 1759152
    Principal Investigator: George Barnett
    Co-Principal Investigators: David Blustein, Ludovico Cademartiri, Belle Liang;
    Start Date:03/01/2018
    Award Amount:$1,198,658.00
    Agency/Program: NSF: ITEST

    IT and College Pathways through application of Technology to explore Urban Ecological Challenges

    Award Number: 0833624
    Principal Investigator: George Barnett
    Co-Principal Investigator:Eric Strauss, Charles Lord, David Blustein, Laura O'Dwyer, Franklin Reece
    Start Date:07/01/2009
    Award Amount:$1,499,812.00
    Agency/Program: NSF: ITEST

    Urban Ecology, Information Technology, and Inquiry Science for Students and Teachers

    Award Number :0525040
    Principal Investigator: George Barnett
    Co-Principal Investigator: Eric Strauss, Charles Lord, Maureen Kenny, Maureen Kenny, Maureen Kenny, David Blustein
    Start Date:10/01/2005
    Award Amount: $1,428,584.00
    Agency/Program: NSF: ITEST

    A Strategies Project - Seeding the Future: Creating a Green Collar Workforce Through Learning about Indoor Urban Farming Technologies and Alternative Energy Sources

    Award Number: 1312073
    Principal Investigator: George Barnett
    Co-Principal Investigator: Eric Strauss, David Blustein, Catherine Wong, Elizabeth Bagnani
    Start Date:08/01/2013
    Award Amount:$1,196,874.00
    Agency/Program: NSF: ITEST

    Seeding the Future: Growing STEM Learning and Interest through Hydroponic Food Production

    Award Number: 1223173
    Principal Investigator:George Barnett
    Start Date:09/15/2012
    Award Amount:$249,661.00
    Agency/Program: NSF: AISL

    An Integrated Approach to Creating STEM Career Pathways

    Award Number: 1512996
    Principal Investigator: George Barnett
    Co-Principal Investigators: David Blustein, Shamsi Moussavi, Laura Foote
    Start Date:01/15/2016
    Award Amount: $1,197,756.00;
    Agency/Program: NSF: ITEST

    Connecting Undergraduate Research with the Public through Innovative Technologies

    Award Number :1244936
    Principal Investigator: George Barnett
    Start Date:03/15/2013
    Award Amount:$199,714.00
    Agency/Program: NSF: TUES

    Urban Ecology Course Materials Created with a Universal Design for Learning Framework

    Award Number :0628143
    Principal Investigator: Eric Strauss
    Co-Principal Investigators: Tracey Hall, George Barnett, Katherine McNeill, Charles Lord;
    Start Date:10/01/2006
    Award Amount:$2,084,428.00
    Agency/Program: NSF:  IMD

    iCREAT: A pathway to middle-skill positions through the Introduction to Coding, Robotics, Electronics, And Technology

    Award Number: 1501451
    Principal Investigator: Shamsi Moussavi
    Co-Principal Investigators: George Barnett, Susanne Steiger-Escobar, Marina Bograd, Giuseppe Sena;
    Organization: Massachusetts Bay Community College
    Start Date:09/01/2015
    Award Amount:$891,414.00
    Agency/Program: NSF: ATE

    Transforming Elementary Science Learning through LEGO(TM) Engineering Design

    Award Number: 0633952
    Principal Investigator: Chris Rogers
    Co-Principal Investigator: Linda Jarvin, George Barnett; 
    Organization: Tufts University 
    Start Date:09/15/2006
    Award Amount: $998,145.00
    Agency/Program: NSF: REESE

    Developing an Integrated Pathway for Urban STEM Teaching and Learning in Grades 5-8

    Award Number :0639466
    Principal Investigator: George Barnett
    Co-Principal Investigators: Eric Strauss, Charles Lord, Katherine McNeill
    Start Date:01/01/2007
    Award Amount: $799,860.00
    Agency/Program: NSF:  AYS

    Inquiry-Based Learning Through Laboratory Exercises in Seismology: An Invitation to the World of Science Research

    Award Number: 0331227
    Principal Investigator: Alan Kafka
    Co-Principal Investigators: John Ebel, George Barnett
    Start Date:09/15/2003
    Award Amount:$177,220.00
    Agency/Program: NSF:  TUES