Faculty Members

Mike Barnett

Mike Barnett is a professor of Science Education in the Lynch School of Education and director of the I-USE Lab.
email: barnetge@bc.edu Website

David Blustein

David Blustein is a Professor of Counseling Pschology in the Lynch School of Education and is a Co-PI on the NSF ITEST and ATE projects. email: blusteid@bc.edu Website

Alan Kafka

Alan Kafka is an associate professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Boston College. email: kafka@bc.edu

Catherine Wong

Catherine Wong is director of Urban Outreach Initiatives in the Lynch School of Education. email: catherine.wong@bc.edu Website

Eric Strauss

Eric Strauss is a core partner and is director of the Center for Urban Resilience and Sustainability at Loyala Marymount University in Los Angeles. email: Eric.Strauss@lmu.edu Website

Graduate Students

Amie Patchen

Amie, a former Chicago Public School Science Teacher, is the lead researcher on multiple lab-projects but focuses on learning in out-of-school environments and the communication of science.

Anne Vera-Cruz

Anne focuses on curriculum development, organizational theory and policy and is leading the curriculum development work for our work in China.

Paul Madden

Paul, is a former high school Math Teacher in Boston Public and a Boston debate league coach. He is leading the social justice work in college-bound and the teaching math through Latin Dance project.

Amy Sejeran

Amy is a statistical and research methodologist. She is leading the statistical analysis and the design of the research programs across the college-bound and China projects.

Paul Xu

Paul is leading the work on the iCREAT project with Massachusetts Bay Community College and is focused on how to use to big data to evaluate learning outcomes using data analytics.

Arunima Sengumpta

Aru is masters students studying to become a physics a teacher. She is a lead student on the iCREAT project with MassBay.

Kasmath Basavanagudi

Anu who holds a Ph.D. in chemistry is working toward her masters degree to become a chemistry teacher. She is working on the hydroponics curriculum.

Simon Carroll

Simon, is a senior at Boston College with a focus on history and physics education. He is working on the hydroponics and solar energy projects.

Jun Yu Lin

Jun is a senior at Boston College and in the Carroll School of Management studying finance and marketing. He is working on the finance and economics aspects of the hydroponics curriculum.

Christian Ko

Christian, is a junior at Boston College and studying economics in the College of Arts and Sciences. He is working on the finance and economics curriculum as a part of the hydroponic curriculum.

Sterline Desjardins

Sterline is a Junior in the Connell School of nurusing and is working on the hydroponics and the college-bound projects.